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How to Select a Gearmotors

How to Select a Gearmotors

 21:14 01/10/2019

As the motor or gearmotor selection process begins, first gather the relevant technical and commercial requirements.

The Applications of Electric Motor

The Applications of Electric Motor

 05:26 27/03/2018

Electric motors convert electrical power into mechanical power and come in all shapes and sizes. Motors can be characterized as begin alternating current AC or direct current DC types.

A worm gear is a device that transfers force to another device via rotation mechanism

A worm gear is a device that transfers force to another device via rotation mechanism

 03:21 27/03/2018

It, with the aid of its teeth is joined with another and applies full force. According to its mechanism it has the capacity to enhance force at various torques towards diverse directions originating from the root source whence it attains power.

Horizontal high gear reducer motor

How to Size a Gear Reducer

 02:31 27/03/2018

To slow the speed at which a wheel is being turned by a gear reducer you will require a reducer, which is typically a smaller gear that is used to turn a larger gear at a slower speed.

Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Worm Gear Speed Reducers

 01:40 27/03/2018

It is an admitted fact that worm gear mechanism helps us to have energy to a great extent. As we all know that it is the mechanism of a gear to generate force and transfer it from one source to another through some device adjoined with each other.

The facts about Worm Gear

The facts about Worm Gear

 15:54 26/03/2018

A worm gear, in industrial parlance, is a shaft with a helical thread. It is commonly a part of a gear that meshes with a toothed wheel. Worm gears on the other hand, are those known as worm wheels.

Giảm tốc Dolin

The application of the Worm Gears

 15:48 26/03/2018

Generally speaking, the worm gear is a kind of transport mechanism. It can be used to transmit power in a lot of industrial fields.
This transport mechanism is made up of two parts. It includes worm wheel and worm. The form of the worm is similar to the screw.

Gears box

The World of Planetary Gears

 14:29 26/03/2018

Planetary gears, which can supply a lot of speed reduction and torque in a small package, have operating characteristics beyond those of fixed-axis gear trains

Gear Redcer Motor

How a Speed Reducer Works

 10:28 17/03/2018

Speed reducers are fairly simple pieces of machinery. A speed reducer is simply a gear train between the motor and the machinery that is used to reduce the speed with which power is transmitted.

How to Select a Speed Reducer for Your Next Design or Project

How to Select a Speed Reducer for Your Next Design or Project

 10:23 17/03/2018

When designing a speed reducer, no matter the application, it is vital that you provide your supplier with complete and accurate information.

Gearbox Macropitting Gears

What does it mean when a motor or gearbox is “servo rated?”

 08:55 13/03/2018

Strictly speaking, any control element that employs feedback is a servo. Therefore, what does the term “servo rated” mean when it is used in conjunction with a motor?

What is a planetary gearbox?

What is a planetary gearbox?

 08:41 13/03/2018

As a supplier of gearboxes and gearmotor, of course we know all ins and outs, but what if you encounter this technique for the first time?

Advantages & Disadvantages of AC power and DC power

Advantages & Disadvantages of AC power and DC power

 10:12 08/03/2018

First electric power system was build. DC power was generated by steam generator supplying power to 59 consumers. During the decade many small power systems were developed throughout the world using dc power.

Small Gear motor Horizontal Type Ac Gear Motor

When and Why You Should Choose a Worm Gear Reducer

 21:36 06/03/2018

Like all gear reducers, worm gears are used to increase torque while slowing output speed. However, worm gears are unique in that they include a worm a cylindrical screw that reduces the gear ratio that is set at a ninety-degree angle to the worm wheel.

Gear Redcer Motor

Why do we combine a servo motor with a gearbox

 21:16 06/03/2018

Do you know why we still use today gearboxes while servo motors becoming stronger and more advanced? The gearboxes of Dolin are used in many cases in combination with a servo motor, for example because they have low backlash and are able to deal with high torque.


How to select a motor for an industrial application

 18:43 27/02/2018

Understanding the main types of loads, motors, and applications can help simplify motor and accessory selection.

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